Father, Loving Son, and Brother: Henry Sires

Henry's mom Debora sits with Henry's nephews and son

In March 2015, Henry Sires was shot by Santa Clara County Sheriffs while he was parked in the East Foothills one morning, enjoying the view from atop San Jose. Henry survived being shot at 6 times, with one bullet hitting Henry's hand.  No officer was harmed.  Henry was unarmed. 

Yet today, July 19, 2016, over a year later, it is Henry who is on trial for assault on an officer and is facing up to 7 years in prison.

Henry Sires is 34 years old and comes from a family of five -- three sisters and one brother. His mother Debora is his strongest support, who has attended every court for Henry since day one. Henry is also a loving father of five children: 18 year old Damarea who just graduated from Deer Valley High in Antioch; 15 year old Henry Jr.; 12 year old Jenna; 6 year old Hezekiah, and; 4 year old Demi. Henry has been in the same relationship with his children's mother since high school.

For a living, Henry fixes electronics. Henry is an active recreational athlete who played football at Andrew Hill High School. In court, Henry's family sit steadfast, as he was supported by his mother Debora, his son Hezekiah, and his 2 nephews Lamarea and Tyrese. 14 year old Lamarea loves his Uncle Henry. He says, “Henry is a great person. He takes all the nephews to the park to play basketball, Santa Cruz, makes us his favorite breakfast in the morning, Oatmeal with Peanut Butter. He walks us to school. I look at Henry like a dad." Tyrese, Henry's other 14 year old nephew who supported him in court said, “He's a great man. He's so always looks out for the family!”