Officer Randall: Responding to a 911 Call for a Parking Violation / by Charisse Domingo

Officer Randall is a Santa Clara County Sheriff who was first on the scene to respond to a 911 call the morning of March 25, 2015 -- on Swaggart Road where Henry and his friends had driven up to enjoy the view. 

Randall says he approached Henry and asked if he had an ID.  Henry replied that he didn't.  Henry was on the driver's side of the vehicle.  Officer Randall then says he went to the rear of the vehicle to check out the license plate and approached the second vehicle which had 2 women.  That's when Randall said he heard the green car door shut and the engine start.  He said that's when he thinks the second deputy, Deputy Vandergraff, might have arrived.

What came out in trial was that Randall had been drinking the night before.

Randall stated that he saw the very first shot that Deputy Vandergraff fired in the direction of the driver (Henry).