Henry Sires is Free! After Hung Jury -- Prosecutors Dismiss Charges! / by Charisse Domingo

After a week of deliberations, the jury came back to announce a verdict. They were stuck -- at nine to three not guilty. The judge urged them to go back to the deliberation room and see if they could reach consensus. When they came back to court they announced they could not reach unanimity -- they would stay split down the middle with their vote - six to six. As the jury walked out, the foreman stuck around to answer questions from the prosecutor and Henry's attorney. He said ultimately, the officer was not consistent with his statements, and they had no physical evidence to prove the allegations. 

So after a lengthy trial, Henry had to wait, in jail, to hear whether or not the District Attorney's office was going to refile, and try again to prosecute him. This would be their third attempt after two hung juries.

But at court just a few days after, when Henry's case was called, the District Attorney's Office told the court that they were dismissing the charges against Henry! And just like that the weight of a potential ten years of prison, separated from his family, community, and life, was lifted. Henry's mother and son cried, as the audience, some who were just their for their own case, applauded. 

All that is left is to throw the welcome home party.

Appreciation for everyone who supported Henry and his family through this campaign.